Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!!


So this year Stacy and Greg and the kids are here from Alaska and since Teagan and Kassy's birthdays are 3 weeks apart, we decided to have a joint 4th birthday party for the both of them. Kassy really likes Cars and Teags likes Cars too so we had a Lightning McQueen party for them. Stacy made them each a Lightning McQueen cake and did an awesome job on them. It turned out nice. With all of our families combined it can turn into a huge ordeal.

I can't believe my Teags is already 4. How fun and adventurous his first four years have been. He keeps us on our toes as an active little man. He has such a sweet spirit and we love him so much. Even though he can be pretty loud sometimes he is all worth it. Love you Teagey Man.

Happy Birthday Teagan and Kassy. How they grow up so fast.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Okay so we have been in Oregon now for about a week and a half. I don't have any pictures yet because we have been battling bronchitis, double ear infections and strep throat. Yuck!!! Our whole family has been on amoxycillan. Teagan just started on meds today so hopefully in a few days we will all be back to normal and we can enjoy Oregon a little more. As most of you knew we were trying to get an apartment management job. Well we hurried up here because they told Craig that we had it and now they are giving us run arounds. It's not that we don't have it, its just that they haven't fired the other people or something. The guy said that it could be a week or six weeks. It's like um okay. Anyway, of course ya it would be nice to be in our own placem but we are happy at Travis and Cari's for now. We have moved into two of their rooms and are doing just great. So for now, Craig is just working alot and we're trying to find another apartment management job in the mean time because we don't know if we can rely on these people, even though they are the biggest property management company up here. Anyway, Travis and Cari love having us and they are so good with the boys. Teagan loves it here and loves Travis and Cari. Cari is very good with him and he has actually mellowed out a little more. Lets see. We've broken a bad habit of Teagan's since we've been here. Yes he no longer sleeps in the bed with us. Teagan has also starting to get really good with his letters. He can sound out each letter when he looks at them. Oh, how could I forget that Kieran has been walking since like a week before his birthday. But now he is walking a lot more but not all the time yet. He also got another molar while we've been here. So far we really love it up here. It's beautiful and clean air. It has only rained two days and the rest have been all sunny. Oh it did snow this morning. Anyway, this is whats going on for now. I'll get some pics up soon. We love you and of course miss you.


I can't believe my baby is one already. He has been such a blessing in our home. He has such a sweet spirit. He's a very mellow baby(well until there is food around). We had a puppy party for him with all his family and a few friends. We even had family from out of town so it really turned into a big group. Thank goodness for my dad's shop.

Aww, my little man

I made him a dog bone cake and everyone else got dog bone sugar cookies

I told you he loves food. He couldn't wait to get his hands into it.

And he's out.

We love you KIE KIE!

Kieran's one year pics

This is just a few of them. My friend Melissa did them. She did such an awesome job. Thank you Melissa.


So we took Teagan up to Alta Sierra for his first time learning to ski. For whatever reason I dont have any pics of him on his ski's. My mother-in-law must have them. I did get him on video a few times. He did pretty good for his first time. He kept wanting to get on the ski lift. Anyway we went up with Craig, Cheryl, Chad, Jessica, Alana, Johnathan, Chelsea, Jason and Justin. It was a way fun day and thank you mom for watching Kieran.


Umm Santa I want a Scooter for Christmas.

As our tradition we always are with Craigs family Christmas Eve and then we spend Christmas day with my family. We had a great Christmas 2008.

Miss Sadie loving the wrapping paper

The young men in our ward made this for the boys. They love it. Thanks Silver Creek Ward young men.

Checking out what Santa brought them.

Teagan had fun saying cheese all day. So all of his smiles are pretty cheesy.

My mom made Teagan this apron and hat. Too cute. He always goes down to Papa's shop and works so Grandma thought he needed an apron and baker hat.


So for Thanksgiving, me, the boys and my mom went up to visit my granparents in Idaho. My Grandpa Read ended up in the hospital a week or so before Thanksgiving and I decided that I really needed to get up there and see them. So we drove up to Utah in one day and stayed with my aunt and uncle and then 2 days later we drove up to Idaho to spend Thanksgiving day with them. We had Thanksgiving dinner in the hospital with them and then we spent the night and headed back to Utah because it was really hard to keep them down at the hospital all day. So we had a good visit with my grandparents and Uncle Doug, Uncle Bruce and my cousin Adam.

As you can see here they are in the lobby and theres only so much you can do with two little boys.

One night when we were in Utah we decided to go see the Christmas lights at Temple Square in Salt Lake. Before we took the boys to Uncle Bret's Fire Station. The boys had so much fun on fire trucks.

Overall it was a great trip besides the flu everyone caught right before we left and on our way back to California.